Immigration plans to build nine thousand units housed in Salahuddin for receiving the displaced people of Nineveh

Supreme Committee for the Relief and sheltering displaced ratified, on Thursday, on the allocation of one billion dinars for the relief of displaced people in Salah ad Din province, while the intention of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration construction of 9 thousand units shelters such as the displacement of an expected wave of Nineveh.

This came during the extraordinary meeting of the Committee held Building Council Salahuddin province , headed by Chairman of the Committee and Minister of Displacement and Migration, Jassim Mohammed, according to a statement reported for Twilight News.

The meeting was attended by Undersecretary Jassem Al - Attiyah and Chairman of the province of Salahuddin Ahmed Kareem Abdul - Jabbar and members of the provincial council and directors of government departments as well as members of the Supreme Committee.

The head of the Supreme Committee and Immigration Minister Jassim Mohammed , said the amount that has been allocated to cover the transfer of the displaced and the provision of drinking water and other services related to Bagatthm and form a relief committee in the province and districts and areas in order to take over the task of relief to the displaced and headed by administrative units directors, which will be supported by the Supreme Committee for the Relief Operation and sheltering the displaced.

He said the committee approved the allocation of 500 million dinars for the health sector in the province for the purchase of medicine and health supplies, and support for the Department of Health in the province, as well as the allocation of 250 million dinars to support the Civil Defense Department to repair mechanisms and tanker truck of water and repair of pumps.

And while inspecting the progress of work in sheltering displaced persons camp in under the hand of science Samra district minister predicted rate of exodus from the city of Mosul is the largest off Saladin during the processes of liberalization and that the ministry will set up camps to house the displaced area of 1100 acres and reality (9000) unit Iwaiah.

The minister also inspected the reception center of the displaced families Sharqat spend in the silo pilgrims and listened to the most important problems facing them available on the ministry 's existing teams procedures to receive the displaced center and how to provide them with the necessary services, especially.

In the context of the minister round the relevant security agencies demanded audited the displaced families file as soon as possible and take the necessary actions to move them in the fastest time.