Palestine demanded Britain apologize for the "Balfour Declaration"

She said the Palestinian Ministry of emerging, on Wednesday July 27 it expects first from Britain steps to correct the historical injustice that a solution to the Palestinian people, by the Balfour Declaration and its translations. "
The ministry said in a press release: "If Britain wants to help themselves to the alleviation of the burden of historical responsibility and their results, there are first steps can be carried out, and is to make a formal apology from the highest British official bodies of the Palestinian people, as a result of what happened to him because of the Balfour Declaration Mandate, displacement, destruction and displacement and killing of an ongoing and suffering to this day. "
The statement added: " The ministry addition to" provide formal recognition of a British State of Palestine on the borders of June 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital "..." this ongoing injustice to this day, imposes on the United Kingdom more than other countries , historical responsibilities can not evade them, to help our people and to stand by them "..." if Britain failed to show goodwill over 100 years, showed no regret on the results of the Balfour Declaration , which caused great our people suffer, but went even further in its resolution 100th anniversary celebration of this promise with the participation of Israel, like the completion of a joint within the proposed formula. "
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, speaking in his speech to the 27th Arab Summit which was held in the Mauritanian capital , Nouakchott, from the "historical injustice" The reality on the Palestinian people by the "Balfour Declaration".
Balfour and the Balfour Declaration is the promise of the common name given to the letter sent by Britain 's former Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour on November 2, 1917 to the British Jewish Lord Lionel Rothschild, in which he stressed the support of the British government the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.