The French government is facing criticism for security after the church attack

The French government has faced criticism for its record of security, in the wake of revelations that one of the attackers , who slaughtered a priest in the Church of the altar of jihad supposed known under the control of the police.

He met with French President Francois Hollande religious leaders in an effort to promote national unity. But his predecessor and potential rival in the presidential elections next year , Nicolas Sarkozy said that the government must take more robust steps to track sympathetic to the Islamists.

The attackers cut Tuesday mass at the church and forced the priest of the Catholic Church Father Jacquet Hamill to kneel at the altar and Zbhoh. When he came out of the church and chanting "Allahu Akbar" Padrthm police shot and killed.

The attack came less than two weeks from the suspected Islamist another truck ran over a crowd at the Bastille Day , killing 84 people. Opposition politicians responded to the attacks a strong criticism of the security record for the Socialist government contrary to what they did last year when he crossed for unity after gunmen and bombers killed 130 people in Paris in November and attacked the satirical newspaper in January.

Sarkozy said he expected to run primaries for the Conservatives in order to contest the presidential ballot next year , the newspaper Le Monde , "all this violence and these barbaric paralyzed the French left since January 2015." " It has its trends and clinging to the mentality unrelated to reality."

However conservative politicians warn of a "war of religions" Oolond sought to avoid divisions in a meeting with leaders of Christians and Jews, Muslims and Buddhists.

The Bishop of Paris , Cardinal Andre Van Troyes told reporters after the meeting at the Elysee Palace " We can not allow ourselves to be drawn into Daash policy , which seeks to drive a wedge between the child and his brother."

Pope Francis said that the slaughter of the pastor and a series of attacks in Europe in recent weeks but is proof that " the world is at war , " stressing that it is not a religious war, but the dominance of the peoples and the interests of economic war.

Sarkozy called for the arrest or placing electronic tags for each suspected Islamist militants even if they have not committed any crime. It owns the French domestic intelligence secret files of some 10,500 suspected of being militants.

But Interior Minister Bernard Kaznov rejected Sarkozy 's proposal , saying that their imprisonment would be unconstitutional as it would lead to counterproductive results

He said on Europe and the radio station "The France that the most successful efforts to dismantle a large number of terrorist networks is a place files of these people under surveillance. Which intelligence agencies can work without these people feel."

Kaznov and later told reporters that the summer festivals that do not meet the strict security measures to be abolished , announcing the deployment of ten thousand soldiers already in the streets , saying he would send more to the regions.

And published news agency linked Daash on Wednesday posted a video of two men they said outlet attack on the French church and noon in the video and two Abaien Tanzim leader in Arabic.

The organization gives priority to target France , which bombed bases in Iraq and Syria in the framework of an international coalition led by the United States.

The attackers arrived Tuesday during a morning Mass in St. Etienne de Rovraa a town inhabited by working - class , near Rouen , northwest of Paris , where he was presiding over the Mass Father Hamill. They took hostages wounded one of them were severely injured during the attack.

He said the private French anti - terrorism prosecutor today that one of the attackers called just Karmiche (19 years) , and was subject to tight control after two failed attempts to reach Syria.

Karmiche was released from detention pending trial because of alleged involvement in a terrorist organization in March its membership. And it was forced to put an electronic sign and hand over his passport was not allowed to leave his parents ' home only a few hours a day.

It did not send e - label warning because the attack occurred during the period which allowed him to get out.

The investigators conducted a DNA analysis of the body of a second striker on Wednesday. The judicial source said that investigators believe that the second attacker was 19 - year - old southeastern France from a young man was not previously known to the police.

The source added that not yet known as the King Abdul my pending the outcome of the formal definition of genetic testing. And found his identity card in Karmiche home.

According to the Ministry of Justice, there are 13 suspected of being terrorists and people convicted in connection with terrorism - pin slogans in their clothes like that was attached Karmiche. He was released seven bail pending trial. And six others were convicted, but they are putting electronic bracelets rather than eliminate prison sentences.

Since the attack on Bastille Day in Nice and a spate of attacks in Germany , too, sparking the biggest concern in Europe , which is already reeling under the weight of last year 's attacks in France and this year in Brussels.