Basra Services: Faw port will reduce unemployment in the province

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Basra Services: Faw port will reduce unemployment in the province
{Basra: Euphrates News} Services Committee Chairman of the Council of the emirate of Basra, Jawad said that any expansion of the Iraqi ports will contribute to the operation of the workforce and reduce unemployment, stressing support for conservative investors to bring companies and revive the economy.

He said the emirate told {Euphrates News} "The province of Basra Mattah in from all sides, both in the production and export of oil in the big economic benefit through commercial ports, as well as the location, which Aamzehe and a link to its borders with Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the outcome of any development in the ports of Basra the great benefit of Iraq in general and the people of Basra in particular. "

He added that "in addition to the Iraqi port of Faw port will provide many job opportunities for the people of the province, and reduces unemployment, and the expansion of ports benefit Iraq economically in terms of bridging the country's need of food and other goods in conjunction with Txiaod ratio of the population."

He stressed that the public be in the hands of the people of Basra ports, and there are local companies to maintain business manages ports,
He said support for the preservation workshops held for investment in Basra, we send a message of reassurance that the Basra provincial safe it is possible to invest successfully.

It is noteworthy that, a workshop was held today in the province of Basra, the presence of the laser transport agency Abdul Hussain Abtan, and a number of foreign companies and representatives of the interior, defense and oil ministries and the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui and provincial council chairman morning Albzona deputy governors to discuss investment in the port of Faw