Iraq index rising after two sessions of decline

27 July 2016 04:56 pm

Live: market general index rose Iraq stock exchange by the end of the trading session Wednesday, after two sessions of decline.

The General index rose by 0.94 percent to close at 560.35 points, winning 5.24 points from Tuesday's hearing levels.

And pay equity performance indicator banks today to rise, where six stepped ahead of the "higher" credit today by 9.09%, shares rose "Dar es Salaam" 7.14%.

On the other hand, he beat retreat on the hotel and tourism sector, falling 4 foremost "Mosul Dam" the most declined today by 8.26 percent, "also dropped Assyria" 8.18%.

Today some foreign dealings and IFO purchase, net buying amounted to 4.77 billion dinars.

Today's turnover rose to 12.67 billion shares compared to 873.71 million shares yesterday, trading value rose to 5.54 billion dinars compared to 825.96 million in Tuesday's session.