Iqbal and UNESCO representative to discuss scientific and humanitarian curriculum development and teaching professionals training

July 27, 2016

Light news/Baghdad

Minister of education Dr Muhammad Iqbal Omar pharmacist, Director of UNESCO in Iraq Louisa, a researcher with the science and mathematics curriculum development completed and secondary coverage.

According to a statement to the media library, received the "light news" "Iqbal, Director of UNESCO met in Iraq, and discuss with Louisa completing science and mathematics curriculum development and secondary coverage."

Education Minister, expressed "the hope of continuing the work of the Organization for the development of science and mathematics curricula for secondary schools, as well as curriculum development", adding that "it also needs updating linked to train faculty to those modern curriculum".

Iqbal expressed "his desire that you care organization to develop training programmes contain psychological treatments for students liberated areas who were under the influence of Islamic State, because it represents a fundamental step in community rehabilitation program".

"Iraq has suffered in previous periods because of the siege and wars, which led to weak infrastructure and low level of education", stating that "in order to gain time and not to delay in delivery, urgent treatment alternatives, reviewing a number of laws, and focus on the training of modern teaching methods of modern scientific connection to students."

And the blockbuster "Ministry need to complete the training phases IV, v and vi of the modern books of science and mathematics, and also in the area of development writing books humanity and building capacity as scientific books, and development workers in the field of book design as an important part of receiving information to the student, with emphasis on the establishment of a joint information centre with the Organization in the field of design and modern scientific images appropriate to put it as scientific subjects in the curriculum.

For her part, she was President of the Organization, "strove to complete projects started with the Ministry with a proposal to start a project to develop and qualify the scientific personnel to deal with students of the liberated areas of ISIS and the Organization's readiness to cooperate with the Ministry in the area of curriculum and training".

The statement said, "the meeting was attended by the administrative agent of the Ministry, General Manager of curricula, General Director of cultural relations and Education Minister Counsellor".