Defense invites college graduates to enlist in the army with the rank of Lieutenant

July 27, 2016

Light news/Baghdad

Air Defense command called in the Iraqi Defense Ministry, those interested in volunteering on qualifying session number/81 phase of Bachelor, Lieutenant.

The Ministry said in a statement, "light news" today, "the terms required to volunteer: all branches except engineering architecture and civil engineering, graduate school of science and education (computers, mathematics, physics)," citing "apply in air defense headquarters near Baghdad international airport, effective 28 July 2015 and for three months according to conditions."

"The conditions are to be a volunteer holds a Bachelor's degree from a recognized University or College of higher education and scientific research disciplines, supra, to have Iraqi nationality from father and Iraqi mother. no more advanced cousin of civilians (26 years) baby boomers (1/1/1990) up and no greater military advanced age (28) years baby boomers (1/1/1988) and above, and have good moral character and reputation and behavior is condemned to a felony or a misdemeanour prejudicial to honour or crimes Terrorism offences against internal and external security of the State ".

"He that shall conform to the requirements of fitness and health. the service undertakes in air defense units for 10 years, and not be expelled or vandals or dropping out of the army."

The statement said that "the required documents, the identity of the civil status of the applicant and the father and native mother with 6 color copies, a certificate of nationality for the applicant to father and native mother with 6 color copy, ration card genuine with 6 color copies, color copies with 6 housing card, graduated or graduated support certified color copies made with 6, photo number 6 in color with a white background, as well as the support of the Municipal Council, and a marriage contract father and mother in the case of advanced marriage encloses immigrating.

According to the Ministry, "the form drag of the website (, marking the form and provide it with a sequence number of air defense command headquarters near Baghdad international airport."