Babylon environment gives six approvals for industrial and agricultural activities

2016/07/27 16:35

Long-Presse / Babylon

Environment Directorate announced in Babil province, on Wednesday, six environmental approvals for the agricultural and industrial activities in the province grants, while confirming that these approvals has after obtaining official approvals on them.

The director of Babel environment Abbas Khudair Abbas, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The Directorate of Babylon environment, awarded six environmental approvals for certain industrial, agricultural and service activities in the province over the past few days, after a field inspection by the subsidiary of the Directorate teams and note application instructions and its commitment to environmental conditions and limitations set by the new environmental law. "

Abbas added, "These approvals were distributed among the environmental the said to create a chicken field, environmental approval for the establishment of a chicken egg field, and the granting of a single environmental approval for the purpose of establishing Sergeant laboratory for electrical appliances, while granted one environmental approval for the establishment of a factory for the manufacture of meat, and environmental approval to plant a secondary power." .

The environmental departments in the provinces are responsible for granting environmental approvals for all agricultural, industrial and service activities under the new environmental law.