Integrity and internal security establishment immunization discussing from falling into the nets of corruption

2016/7/27 14:23

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} searched the Interior Ministry with Iraqi integrity mechanisms that barricaded enterprise security from falling into suspicions of corruption.

According to a statement by the Interior received {Euphrates news} copy today that Chief Hassan Al-yassiri, met with integrity Brigadier Saad Maen Director of public relations at the Interior Ministry, adding that yasseri has discussed with us the importance of educational cycle security information action and awareness in creating a healthy environment for enterprise security fortifying them from falling into the nets of corruption and underestimate their sacrifices showing readiness for any kind of constructive cooperation between the Interior and body ".

"The media relations Director Dean conveyed Undersecretary for Administration and Finance Chief for Al-khazaali Aqil integrity evaluation for body work and efforts in the framework of imbuing pure far from corruption to advance our progress forward."

The statement said "Maen welcomed the atmosphere of understandings and head of the eagerness to open prospects for constructive cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior Ministry's notification support in general plans that aim to build a security establishment based professionally correct to enable it to perform its duties properly".