Parliamentary economy considering an initial port of Faw on investment and stresses the importance

2016/7/27 15:11

[Where - Exclusive]

| Commission announced the economy and investment representative, it would consider asking the Department of Transportation for the project port of Faw, overlooking the Gulf of Basra province, "stressing its importance in enhancing the financial resources of Iraq, along with oil."

The Committee member atheist Charter told all of Iraq [where] "in the event of the establishment of the project port of Faw, there will be a resource least, for Iraq," stressing the "great importance to him not only to maintain but also to Iraq unanimously in promoting imports as well as oil."

She added, "This project is very significant and it is the largest projects in the Middle East and the world and needs to be large sums Since that Iraq today is going through a financial crisis can not provide these amounts for the presentation of the project [Faw port] to invest and there was a call for global companies and sober and attended almost 14 companies ".

Hamedi and said "we as a committee economy, investment and federal government we'll examine what posed by foreign-invested companies and thus form a multi committee parties to study this issue," noting that "this is something primarily as a workshop and then there will be further steps up to now there is no contract by the Iraqi and ask investors only. "

The Ministry of Transport has set up day workshop with 13 international companies to invest the project to build the port of Faw in Basra province.

He called on the Minister of Transport Agency Abdul Hussein Abtan international companies to invest in the port, "stressing the importance to strengthen Iraq's resources in general and especially the people of Basra."

From Jtanbh The head of the provincial council in Basra Albzona morning in his speech during the workshop, said that "the province would no longer allow to disrupt the establishment of the port of Faw."

The government had estimated earlier, the total cost to complete the project port of Faw, to 4.4 billion euros, has begun implementation of the first phase of which included the establishment of the engineering designs for the eastern and western breaker waves, in 2010.