Planning Announces statistics on the number of widows and orphans in Iraq

2016-07-27 12:46

Baghdad scales news

The planning Ministry announced Wednesday, about statistics showed that the number of widows in Iraq reach Alpha 850, 600, 000 orphans.

Ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Hindawi statement/balance of news copy, "according to official data issued by the Central Bureau of statistics to 2016 the number of widows in Iraq from the age of 12 years and above 850 a widow and this figure does not include Anbar and Ninewa."

Hindawi said that "the number of orphans in Iraq from age 0 to 17 reached 600 thousand orphaned except for Anbar and Ninewa."

He noted, "all United Nations organizations and official international organizations adopt these data in their reports on Iraq as well as the adoption of international standards, Central Bureau of statistics in surveys concerning life Affairs."

He explained that "all international organizations praised the high professional and methodology adopted in such surveys.

He noted that "these indicators and other approaches the representation of reality by 90%"