Turan: amending the law of the land will return property disputes which usurped by the former regime in Kirkuk

2016-07-27 12:53

Baghdad the balance of news

The Turkmen front Deputy Hassan Turan, Wednesday, that amending the law of property disputes will return the land usurped by the ousted regime of citizens in Kirkuk governorate.

Tauran said in a press conference attended by House/balance of news/, we "inside the parliamentary legal Committee working on amending the law of property amendment contributes to conflict returns land usurped by the ousted regime of citizens in Kirkuk governorate of Turkmen and Kurds, Arabs, native population but surprised us government sends a Bill called the" appeal for the benefit of the law in the judgments and decisions concerning land ownership, "which enshrines the defunct system policies not only persistent injustice, but the right of the State to challenge judicial decisions issued by Special courts in disputes and property gained deterministic class. "

Turan said that "Turkomans who suffered the worst attack in history on the terrorist Islamic State gangs were waiting for redress from the Government, no return backwards and sends a Bill devotes injustice", calling the House and political blocks "to reject the Bill in principle.

Turan said "the Bill against the Iraqi Constitution and reversal of transitional justice Government awaited sons of Kirkuk", noting that "the Government Bill passed despite Cabinet dispute body reservation property with it's jurisdiction in the case and the Council should take into consideration the body kept