Basra council: We will not allow to delay the project after the port of Faw

2016/7/27 11:10

[Where - Baghdad]

Chairman of the Basra Governorate Council, said on Wednesday that the province will not allow to disrupt the project after the port of Faw.

And the head of the Basra Governorate Council morning Albzona through the establishment of a workshop for companies wishing to invest in the port of Faw, "The Council is unaware of the reasons that delayed the project port of Faw," adding that "the port of Faw was competing Khawr Abd Allah Kuwaiti port, but local as a government We will not allow anymore delay of the project port of Faw. "

He added that "the political men managed to end their political differences and security men also succeeded in freeing land process, but economists Wayne role? We have a lot of idle facilities, as well as Basra ports," he said. "Today we need to economists and apply positive steps because there resources other than oil. "

He noted that "we support and help for all companies involved in the establishment of the port of Faw to maintain and do not accept that there will be Off companies and will remove all joints of red tape to speed created."