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    Deputy rejects bill that would grant broad privileges for p

    Deputy rejects bill that would grant broad privileges for parliamentarians

    Twilight News / rejected an MP for the Bloc citizens that the shower, on Wednesday, rejected the Iraqi Council of Representatives Act, which has been read as it contains a first reading of the privileges and benefits contradict what is put forward by the religious authority and demanded by the Iraqi masses. She stressed shower in a press statement responded to the Twilight News, "The Iraqi parliament is looking forward to passing a law strengthens the power of legislation and makes it independent of the pressures and influence, and serve pass laws that are in favor of the citizens, either what has been read in parliament do not represent endeavors and efforts." She added that "the demands of the reform, which look to be achieved within the parliament, requires us to move away from the search for narrow interests, and achieve personal benefits, which is carried by this law, as the current." She added that the law came from the Council of Ministers, the display according to legal procedures and recorded a lot of observations it, and that will be challenged and canceled to ensure the functioning of the law away from any financial aspects of the privileges given to the Presidency, or lower house of parliament. The bill gives huge material privileges to its members, and the budget provided for the exorbitant allowances for MPs without taking into account the stifling financial crisis that lives on Iraq has signed some time ago.
    This law includes the granting of the parliament speaker and his two deputies what is received by the Prime Minister and his two deputies from the salary and allowances of excellence in its entirety privileges established by the former regime, No. 50 of 2007, according to estimates by Iraqi experts.
    The law gives to members of parliament's 328 deputies privileges and huge allocations of material similar to that paid MP what is received by the Minister of salaries and allowances, also gives the MP and his family a diplomatic passport for eight years, after the end of the legislative session of the Council amounting to four years. As speaker of parliament and his two deputies are entitled according to the text of the law, the right to obtain bonuses and benefits they identify themselves.


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