The governor of Salahuddin province Daash vacancy rate of 95% and trapping Sharqat

2016/7/26 23:53

[Oan- Baghdad]

Salahuddin Governor Ahmed al-Jubouri, said the majority of the areas of the province free from elements Daash terrorist gangs.

He said al-Jubouri in a press conference on Tuesday evening after chaired a security meeting expanded with the commander of the Samarra operations and brigade commanders and military officers within the breakers operations in the south of the province that "security checks there is real cooperation between the sons of the security forces and the citizens and the government of the province is seeking to create an atmosphere of intimacy, love and peace between the two sides that scored, in the current period after devoid safe areas by 100% of the elements Daash. "

He stressed that "Salahuddin security red line, and do not allow any party or person to tamper with the security of our region," referring to "free the province from the terrorist elements by 95% and that the center spend Sharqat boxed four points and pending zero hour dismantling the families of families under siege," noting that " after re-displaced families to their areas liberated phase will begin construction and reconstruction phase. "