Watching tv nostalgia: the United States has allocated $ 20 million for the rehabilitation of air forces base

July 26, 2016

The National Alliance mp Haneen watching tv twenty million dollars allocated for the rehabilitation of their air forces base in air raids on rebel strongholds ISIS in Iraq.

Watching tv confirmed that Washington's stance of allocated came because of the large and growing attention to rebuilding the military base South of Mosul within one month to facilitate the task of the Iraqi aircraft in the edit control of Nineveh terrorists because of its strategic location near the area of field operations in Nineveh Deputy found Nahla alhbabi that city Mosul edits are related to the decision of the international coalition and joint command and General Commander of the armed forces, Haidar Abadi saying that rehabilitation will facilitate the movement of military forces base wild after providing Air chute to the proximity of Mosul city and adjacent areas.