Parliament votes and reads five laws and the decision to raise its to Thursday [Extended]

2016/7/26 16:06

[Oan- Baghdad]

Lifting of the House of Representatives, its regular Tuesday, the day after tomorrow Thursday, after he voted on the bills and the decision of one, finished reading three bills.

According to a statement of the Department of Media parliamentary "The House of Representatives voted in its regular Tuesday under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 215 deputies, a legal private higher education and to ensure that the regions and governorates not organized the rights of the province as well as the decision for classes ended students in junior high and middle school in addition to the end The first and second readings of the three bills.

At the outset of the session Jubouri announced the readiness of the House of Representatives view the list of ministers bench candidates for resigning within a reshuffle in his case and the arrival of the Prime Minister's agenda, pointing out that the Council has not received so far any request in this regard, noting that the mechanism to select ministers dating back to Prime Minister regarding the Council's role is limited to vote on them and the exercise of the supervisory role on their performance and hold negligent of them.

On the other hand, Chairman of the House of Representatives expressed the Council is keen to promote the status of university professors and ensure their rights and redress in the draft amendment to the Unified Retirement Law.

And on the House bill, which has its first reading in the previous meeting between al-Jubouri that the bill will undergo second reading it will take place upon the necessary amendments, calling on the relevant committees Bondaj bill to ensure the construction of legislative institution sober, pointing to the existence of a deliberate and unacceptable campaign by the Council of the diminution of stature Legislature.

On the other hand al-Jubouri, gave heartfelt sympathies to the Iraqi people and the families of the victims in the terrorist bombings that targeted innocent and pure in Kadhimiya and other areas.
Then he read Surat Al-Fatiha in memory of the House of Representatives for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

The House voted on a draft General Authority Act to ensure provincial rights and governorates not organized in a region and sponsored by the committees of the regions and governorates not organized in a region, legal and which aims to ensure the rights of the regions and governorates that are not organized in a region in the fair participation in various state federal institutions, missions, fellowships and conferences management regional and international in line with the principles of justice and equality and the establishment of a public body to policy-making and coordination to achieve this purpose in accordance with Article 105 of the Constitution.

The council also voted on a parliamentary decision to prompt the Ministry of Education includes allowing students sixth grade preparatory opportunity to improve the rate and allow students the average third-grade performance of the second round in all subjects exams.

And it ended the vote on the draft Law on Higher Education Ahli and submitted by the committees of higher education and scientific and legal research, which aims to promote the status of the process for universities, colleges and institutes of civil so as to ensure the achievement of its goals by giving scientific independence and flexibility of evolution and creativity to make them a special type of higher education and scientific research in Iraq while ensuring Rezin scientific level of its graduates through scientific supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research and by identifying controls that establish and define which configurations and conditions of the scientific and administrative bodies and foundations followed by the administration in its affairs guided by the scientific traditions of the university stable.

And did the House of Representatives voted in principle to proceed with a project integrating law and the abolition of ministries and submitted by the committees of higher education, health, environment, services and ages, culture, media, human rights and financial.

President al-Jubouri said in response to a request of 56 deputies on changing the presidencies of parliamentary committees that Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, Vice President of the House of Representatives was expensive since the beginning of the election cycle to supervise the holding of elections and secret ballot in every parliamentary committee.

Turn Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, Vice President of the Council stressed the importance of the principle of elections away from other labels as well as the principle of consensus between the heads of the blocks in the last two years of the work of the Council, referring to meetings with parliamentary blocs and agreed to hold continuous meetings, noting that the council has two choices the adoption of what has been voted on since the beginning of the current legislative session or the agreement between the blocs on how to manage the committees and taking into account the experience and expertise and the elections and not be divided, stressing the importance of addressing the problems in the committees, including the lack of a quorum in each other and the existence of inflation in the number of members of other committees as well as the issue of transfers between members of the committees.

The Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives to be renamed the presidencies of committees not confined to the political agreement, but has been through a vote in the House of Representatives, adding that the problem concerning the election of the heads of parliamentary committees comprised of all the blocks in the Council has been voted on by the House of Representatives has been renamed vice-members in committees.

In the interventions of Representatives MP Ahmad electrodes he stressed the importance of commitment and political agreements between the parliamentary blocs.

And upheld the MP, but Talabani's election of the heads of committees, including the presidency of the Commission services.

He said MP Ali Keywords that the political agreement will lead to an agreement under the dome of the House of Representatives.

And the MP Adnan al-Janabi said the text of the rules of procedure of the election of the members of the committee chairmanships of committees and their deputies and Orteurehm by desire and competence.

It demanded Rep Risan Dler observance of the principle of equality and the right of women in the membership of parliamentary committees and a special committee of security and defense.

She MP Hanan al that [Front reform] is not interested in voting on committees and in accordance with the quotas, which requires elect heads of parliamentary committees are competent.

President al-Jubouri, and the face of parliamentary committees to postpone discussion of the election of the presidencies to later until reaching a mutually acceptable formula, calling on the House of Representatives objectors to the former political agreement on the presidencies of committees to resort to offer for a vote on its cancellation.

On the other hand, the Council completed the first reading of the draft law amending the decree passport atomic moratorium Filter No. 1 of 1955 and submitted by the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs for the issuance of the Shiite Endowment Act No. 57 of 2012, which defined Awqaf and organize their affairs management mode, and to ensure that the application of the decree atomic endowment liquidation No. 1 of 1955 on the Shiite Waqf.

The Council also ended the first reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law Act [UNIDROIT] regarding stolen cultural property or Illegally Exported and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and Culture, Media and legal, financial and Tourism and Antiquities to protect the cultural heritage and cultural exchanges and enhance mutual understanding between peoples and the dissemination of culture for the welfare of humanity and civilization, and provide combat illicit trafficking in cultural property and to accede to the Convention.

This was followed by MP Khalid Mafraji statement on the security situation in the district of Hawija and aspects of Zab and Abbasid and Rashad and which are targeted trapped murder, kidnapping, persecution and starvation at the hands of Daash terrorist gangs citizens, calling for pressure on the government to speed up the liberalization spend Jawajh before heading to edit Mosul and rescue residents trapped, demanding increase the sons of the tribes to grab land and defend their land.

On the other hand, the Council fully read the report and discuss the draft National Commission for Informatics and submitted the law of the committees and reconstruction services, higher education, scientific research and security, defense, culture and the media.

In the interventions of the House of Representatives on the bill, MP Abbas al-Bayati, inquired about the importance of the body in controlling the licensed companies to ensure that no spying and leaking.
And it saw the MP Birwan Khilani importance of non-development body, which may cause Petrhl functional sufficiency and created a section in the Ministry of Communications is interested in organizing informatics techniques.

He MP Hassan Khalati support for the enactment of the law after the submission of relevant ministries and authorities clarifications about the importance of the existence of the body.

MP Sunrise Alabegi that drew some of the laws received projects from the government did not reflect the mental legislative council members, especially with the looting of the legislative powers of the House of Representatives.

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on re-emphasized the importance of the bill to the government for different ambient conditions presenting in 2009 for the current period and the need to reduce costs in it.