Abtan: FAO Conference success in Iraq will make investment commercially zone introduction

2016/7/26 11:59

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} agency Transport Minister Abdul Hussein abtan, said Tuesday that success in Iraq will make investment FAO Conference introduction the area commercially.

The Agency said abtan {Euphrates news} today, "the Transport Ministry invitations to international companies to attend a Conference on Wednesday to announce a new investment opportunities to complete the breakwater and Wharf Faroes in Basra."

He added that "representatives of 13 international specialized company, the representative services economy committees and representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Interior and oil, planning and investment Commission of experts and academics for the purpose of completing the great port of Faw tendig and check out the views on the type of contract, partnership and make the port of Faw in effect by creating all escort."

"The port of FAO would be the biggest move of Iraq in General and in Basra in particular.
Company maintains Iraqi ports, Ministry of transport tomorrow MFD for companies wishing to invest in the large port of Faw.

The large port of Faw is located on the FAO peninsula south of Basra, project costs about 4.6 billion euros, and port capacity chart create 99 million tons annually to be one of the largest ports on the Gulf.

It has been laying the Foundation for this project on 5 April 2010, it is hoped to change the large port of Faw map of global shipping, it transmits goods from Japan, China and South East Asia to Europe via Iraq and vice versa {transit} rather than the Suez Canal and completed.