Tomorrow. Iraq receives 13 international company to complete the construction of Faw port

1905-07-26 at 09:13

Baghdad the balance of news

Looking for the Ministry of transport on Wednesday, with 13 international company to invest in the project to build the large port of Faw in Basra.

Port company said in a statement the Ministry received general/news/scales, a copy of it, they "receive tomorrow Wednesday, 13 international company in the workshop to discuss the completion of the building of the port of Faw.

The Transport Ministry announced on the 10th of July being sent invitations to international companies, to come to a Conference to be held end of July in Iraq, announcing new investment opportunities to implement the breakwater and docks of the port ", his certain they" resorted to asking the project to build a breakwater and docks, to invest because of fiscal austerity, and the lack of possibilities for its implementation, the port is expected to begin receiving the goods over the next two years. "

The Government had earlier estimated the total cost to complete the large port of Faw, project b 4.4 billion euros, and began the first phase involved creating engineering designs for the East and West breakwater project, 2010