Parliamentary agriculture: peasant dues decided Cabinet but without executing

1905-07-26 at 13:01

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The Agriculture Committee member explained, water and Marsh Fred Shaalan Tuesday to the Council of Ministers decided peasant dues but without applying.

Shaalan said in a press conference attended House/scales news that most farmers are dependent on agricultural production, and benefits depends on staff organize their lives living on their salaries.

Shaalan said that "these farmers and peasants are patient lot since more than a year ago did not receive any benefit for them, considering that this patient is not weakness but humans bear responsibility and length of sentence."

Shaalan pointed out that "the Prime Minister has ordered the dues but without applying," adding, "on the Prime Minister to follow up until it".

The House has approved disbursement of farmers on what crops they locked him up for the State, but most farmers have not received those dues on the pretext of lack of liquidity at banks