How it was designed "Daash" new ways to sow the seeds of brutality in Europe

Translation: Abdul Rahman Al-Husseini With the shrinking "succession," stepped up "Daash" group efforts to export the chaos that traditionally do in within its borders. The answer comes in part from the wrath of the group Alarharbih because they can no longer keep the land that had been seized two years ago. However, even before losing ground, was "Daash" trying to sow terrorism in Europe had begun -the continent for as long as Astratejyoha said she would be the next battlefield in the war Alavaiah Group. A gang in the ranks of the top layer of the group had studied the ways of its enemies, especially those in Western Europe and the United States and Australia. The group includes senior leaders, advised and influenced by foreign ideologies had joined them from places such as France, Britain and Belgium. It is believed that more than 40 who had traveled from Nice, scene of the attack in the last week - the third attack that caused mass damage in France in the past 18 months. The Daash announced on Saturday claimed responsibility for the attack. Despite lingering doubts about whether the list The prosecution ploy deceptive or serious it left significant marks in the previous strikes had been directed by the group. In the virtual sense to do as well as a later attack Monday night on a train in Germany built Daash responsibility. Furthermore, the banner was found to Daash made by hand in the home of Afghan refugees accused of attacking the passengers on board the train with an ax before he was shot dead. He was not the attacker and Nice on the radar and national security agencies. Meanwhile, French prosecutors believe that the Nice striker passed before the attack launched shortly by rapid radicalization. It has long urged the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant "Daash" to wage lone wolf attacks, and actually provided support and instructions from the Forum site arachnoid, and it is available to the members in place in Europe to provide direct guidance for future jihadists. Furthermore, Daash leaders and Affiliates have designed ways to try to weaken the Western societies from within. And their plans included a change in the traditional forms of terrorism, such as attacks on civilian targets soft to cause shock and erosion of trust. They tried to add additional elements they believe may inflame the fire of communities including the targeting of national days like Bastille Day or cultural attractions such as the Stade France. And behind it there is a new weapon to harmonize: Some people in the top leadership thoroughly aware of the geopolitical tensions flammable in Europe - and that helped their business in the ignition fuse - and how uncomfortable that will serve the interests of the consequences through. In the wake of Brixt, integrated border economic and trading blocs and alliances of political discourse are all under acquisitions in Europe, which now seem at odds with itself more than at any time since the end of World War II. A senior member of the group, "They are trying to understand where to hit them and they do not know anything about how Europe management. But they are getting help from foreigners. We knew that England was going to leave the European Union, and they were pleased to do so. The responsibility for these things themselves and attacks commander Iraqi and Abu Mohammad al-Adnani. In addition, it was seen as a strong alignment as clothing for Daash which shortened the war so far civilization enthusiasm knows no flexibility. However, with re-air strikes and counter-attacks territory they had conquered it has shown it can respond to changing circumstances. Perhaps one example of this is the mass migration to Europe, where there are several million fleeing from Iraq and Syria. The migration was mentioned at the beginning it has been condemned by Jaib Daash that wanted to impose its will on the people as much as it imposed on geography. In the past ten months, however, is still the migration route used to smuggle some members return to their home countries in order to prepare for instructions. A member Daash "They were not happy about the refugees escape to Europe when it was done. But now they understand how this will work in their favor because there is a sense of anti-immigration there. For them it is against Islam. This is what they have to say to people." It should be noted that Aladnana Daash is the leader in Syria and is responsible for the media in the group. He also publicly defended the attacks in Europe and was part of the leadership team, who face suicide bombings and mass shootings in Paris in November (November) last year. A French man working under Aladnana and believes he originally hails from Toulouse and was running fitness centers in several regions of France. And display Adnana license is open to anyone who is committed to launching an attack in Europe on behalf of Daash, and in one of the first speeches two years ago, did advice on how to do so. "The rock smashed his head, Azbha or a knife, or stash away by car or Take it from a high place or Aassagah or poisoned ..". What Aladnana version of the brutality that has no limits still under obligation to at least of his followers in France and Belgium. Intelligence believes that there are others they are located on hold in place. It is known for Daash that he is a concerted effort to smuggle chemicals to Europe for use in the attacks but it is believed that he had failed to find a way to transfer lightning flammable and explosive are high and needed to make them. A member Daash "There is always talk about it, but the list of desires and by."