Abbas asked Arab support for the prosecution of Britain on the Balfour Declaration

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas requested the assistance of the Arab League secretariat in preparing the legal file to file a lawsuit against the British government issued the Balfour Declaration, and implement what caused the plight of the Palestinian people.
Abbas told the Arab Summit 27, held in Mauritania, in a speech delivered on his behalf by Foreign Minister Riyad al - Malki, "We are working in order to open the Israeli crimes files, that were committed against our people since the end of the British Mandate over Palestine, passing through the massacres carried out in 1948 and beyond. "
Abbas and again welcomed the French initiative but warned that the concept is traded and promoted under the name of "regional cooperation, regional security , " the aim of creating a regional security coordination between Israel and the Arab states, it aims to normalize relations before achieving the goal of ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands.