Democratic proposal to renew the attribution of the presidency of the parliament of the Patriotic Union

New Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani , president of Kurdistan province, his proposal Patriotic Union of Kurdistan as Chair of the Kurdistan Parliament, while noting a spokesman for the MDC to not having been notified of this proposal is not democratic nor of the Union so far.
According to sources close to him from the Kurdistan Democratic Party he demanded from the strategic ally of the Patriotic Union of receipt of the presidency of the regional parliament, because he thought he was in suspense situation in the relations between him and the MDC, the best solution is to hand over the presidency of the parliament , the National Union.
The sources added that Democrats believed that the current situation of the region caused by the President of the Kurdistan parliament , the MDC Member Yusuf Mohamed, while the MDC to confirm the speaker of parliament only his quest for the rule of law does not confirm that it did not inform the Democratic proposal in this regard.
And put the region 's president , Massoud Barzani initiative by sending the President of the Presidium region Fuad Hussein , the political parties and the parties in the region to seek a general consensus on the issue of the referendum and the independence of Kurdistan.
And on the meeting between the democratic change, the Kurdistan Democratic Party , says that there are important issues such as the war against the "Daash" terrorist referendum and independence of Kurdistan which is more important than talking about the partisan agreements.