Abadi, the governor and members of the Board of Nineveh: The task is not easy and we will raise the Iraqi flag in the heart of Mosul

Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi receives governor and deputies and members of the Nineveh provincial council
Said Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said the battle to liberate Mosul is to liberate and protect citizens in Mosul , noting that the easier it will be for military operations, but it will be harder after the liberation, which requires unity of word and attitude between the components and spectra of the province.
This came during a meeting with the governor and deputy members of the Board of Nineveh province.
He said we have achieved important victories in the first and second phases for the Liberation of Mosul and in secret in order to preserve the lives of our fighters , stressing that the Iraqi flag will raise soon, God willing , in Mosul and moving plans liberation.
Among al - Abadi said political differences Daash benefited to sow discord , stressing that unites us and our work will bring us closer co - edit a lot of Mosul.
He said the international community promised aid group and we are waiting to be fulfilled those promises, which began during the last few days as a result of a credible big victories achieved by our heroes of the world , there is optimism that Iraq can spend on Daash gangs militarily.
He stressed that the government is decentralization which is moving it and are eager to give powers to the provinces nor irreversible.
He called for the lack of division of the popular crowd in Mosul , parties and clans because we want to fight the battle in Mosul , stressing that her privacy to the multiplicity of components , a source of strength to them.
He reiterated that the victory at hand and Aldoaash Menhzmin and we will deal with those who have committed crimes in Mosul , according to the law.
Abadi pointed to begin work to restore the stability of Mosul and editing will be easier and less losses if united our word.
He praised the sacrifices of our heroes in the armed forces in various different forms and who would sacrifice what we were able to edit our territory.
He stressed the importance of cooperation with the Kurdistan region and with the Peshmerga forces in the liberation of Mosul operations.