The Central Bank allocated trillion dinars for youth and alumni

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Economy Baghdad

Iraq's Central Bank loans allocated for youth and alumni worth trillion dinars, "in a move designed to support small projects of this slide, and reduce unemployment and activating the role of the private sector, and expert opinion that the Government has taken the move in accordance with its reform programme, containing the launch of soft loans to industrial and agricultural projects.

And put the Central Bank in cooperation with representatives of private banks and universities, guidance related to these loans to expand its beneficiaries younger, adopting Government coordination with universities in Baghdad and the provinces, to prepare feasibility studies and Browning steps that facilitate the lending mechanism.

Economists said that the loans constitute an active driver of the market economy and specifically those for graduates "and called on the media to" build a campaign to promote these loans, with the availability of the necessary amounts and their readiness to Exchange, to help young people in the implementation of small and medium-sized enterprises ".

And the Prime Minister's Adviser on youth culture, "Attar micro still recent experience", adding that "information campaigns contribute to raise awareness and publicize the usefulness and its impact on the economy and reducing government job orientation and appointments", and drew out the demand of all private banks ' cooperation to facilitate procedures and bureaucracy to ensure quicker loans. "

And monitor the apothecary "increase in the number of beneficiaries of these loans, in the light of thousands of requests daily transactions through private banks directly or universities in the capital and the rest of the provinces."

"It is not as complicated as in loans to elderly or citizens, commensurate with the potential of youth," said the Central Bank meetings with private banks "continuing to make the mechanism more effective and providing facilities for loans" he projects an opportunity for graduates and young people who have never had a chance assignment in State institutions, and a way to reduce unemployment, which differs from the definition of her term in Iraq from other countries, Because everyone gets a chance to set the State applies the term unemployed ", explaining that means that this number is increasing the presence of large numbers of alumni and others who need to secure their pension, is the duty of the State according to the Constitution."

Attar spoke about State strategy to activate the private sector providing jobs for graduates and is the first track is to provide protection for the citizen and future working in the private sector, a uniform law provides pensions for employees and workers in the private sector, companies and laboratories and factories based on certain controls.

Under the second track "locked soft loans to citizens and monitoring of 3 trillion, trillion dinars for youth to help small businesses implement and activate the role of the private sector and the Elimination of unemployment. A.J

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