Jaafari thank stop annexation marshes and confirms the country's liberation this year [Expanded]

2016/7/25 18:52


Thanked Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari countries that stood with Iraq to join the marshes to the World Heritage list, stressing that "the liberation of the country from the current year Daash gangs."

Jaafari said during a speech at the 27th Arab summit, in Nouakchott that "Daash gangs that left destruction and this year will be Iraq's declaration devoid of Daash," adding that "the process of liberalization need to be more international and Arab support and call to activate the re-displaced persons and reconstruction programs areas devastated by Daash. "

He said al-Jaafari said "the Iraqi army, the police and the crowd and folk crowd clan are working continuously to liberate its territory from Daash and save the lives of dozens of civilians, and here's Anbar province, dating back to normal," noting that "there are more than [50] thousand families returned to their homes in Anbar and work is underway for the return of all displaced persons to their towns. "
Jaafari called on Arab countries to close ranks and leave the differences between the Arab countries, "stressing the need for a joint effort in accordance with the agreed-upon program to end Daash out of existence."

He said al-Jaafari, saying that "a good relationship with some countries such as Turkey does not mean the entry of Turkish troops to Iraq and the violation of Iraqi sovereignty and call on our Arab brothers to intervene and to respect the sovereignty of Iraq", he underlined that "Iraq supports national efforts to reach a solution to end all wars in the region."

And the saying that "the Iraqi marshlands's accession to the World Heritage List is a great achievement and we thank all the countries that stood with us."