Nechervan Idris Barzani: we have to determine boundaries of Kurdistan after disposing of ISIS

25-07-2016 04:15 PM

Kurdistan Prime Minister nechervan Idris Barzani about Mosul edits ' that frees the connector very important for Kurds, Because this town near Erbil, Dohuk, Kirkuk, and its direct effect on Kurdistan, certainly

there will be a key role for the two forces in this process, in coordination with Iraqi and coalition forces.Regarding the independence of Kurdistan, Barzani,-' the independence of Kurdistan, the Kurdish people

have the right and the determination of the goals of the Kurdish people, the post must be ISIS, you must exit the border issue set by the two forces in her own blood, and define the limits of Kurdistan

which freed by cops after ISIS phase, both remained at the Iraqi border, or to remain a territory of the ConfederatedHe added that there should be a clear plan for post release the connector, and the role

each party after start of operationsOn the issue of the flow of the reception of immigrants, Barzani said, everyone knows that the Kurdistan region is undergoing difficult economic circumstances, the

Kurdistan Regional Government has formed committees in cooperation with the United Nations, and will take the necessary measures in case the flow of immigrants, and we are in contact with the Federal

Government in Baghdad, but the territory have called for greater cooperation from Baghdad as well as from the international community, there is a possibility that the flow of more than half a million people to

the region in case you start connector edits of ISIS '.