Khor Zubair receives three one loaded with gas oil tankers

2016/7/25 12:55

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

greeted Khor Zubayr in Basra three different loads vectors.

According to a statement by the port company received {Euphrates news} copy, to Khor Zubair, met transport {Marlene} load gas oil 17 000 tonnes for the Ministry of oil, and the steamer {siaoish} special assorted tonnes 500 load.

He also received the "steamer {Khalil} load variety 600 tons.

He noted that "ships departing from the port" {ماگمابت} tanker laden with fuel oil 10000 ton for oil tankers ".

And the statement to "continue to work cleaning up the Harbour and old hulks of squares, and the continuing process of alhadil of the street leading to the exit Portal".