Trade: merging accounts 32 company and balancing the other 23

2016/7/25 13:51

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Trade Ministry, company registration service, merging accounts accounts and company 32 23 during the month of June.

The Commerce Ministry statement quoted, received {Euphrates news}, a copy of Ferial Akram Abdullah, Director General of the Chamber, said that her district "issued several resolutions concerning corporate contracts modified, distributed between the capital increase and integrate company accounts and liquidation of the company accounts.

"Nine foreign company representation Office Registration and recording the hearts to a foreign company, and documenting 199 registered company and referral records pointing to 279 coroner is inconsistent with the controls and instructions.

The circle examined the final accounts of companies and national 986 national company, as well as merging accounts 32 companies and capital increase the company 44 23 accounts and modifying a single contribution contract and examine the accounts offices and branches of foreign companies for 78 company. "

And noted "that disables ratification by constituent meetings records of the limited companies 128 minutes plus a special record 34 ratification meetings of public authority of corporations as well as ratification of the decisions of the general body of persons of limited companies and 22".