Iraqi universities coordinating asserts with popular demands for the Elimination of corruption.

2016-06-25 at 14:28

Baghdad scales news

Coordinating the Iraqi universities, issued a statement Monday confirming parking all university professors with the popular masses demanding reform and elimination of financial and administrative corruption.

She said in her statement she received/copy news balances it "standing all university professors with the legitimate demands of the Iraqi people, the Elimination of administrative and financial and political corruption ravaging unchecked state all joints making chaos in all official and other national institutions and urge all teachers to active participation in all events which reject corruption and State corruption and invite to establish a State of Justice and integrity."

She added, "We categorically reject prejudice to University Service allocations through taxation bizarrely and constraining realities of University Professor", indicating that "we reject the new retirement law and University Service and prepared for adoption because it offends and hurts if professors who retired after retirement age on eachother and their scientific and practical graduated a large number of young people informed and educated in various disciplines.

She continued, "we must work to protect the teaching of any deliberate decisions and protect faculty from manipulating their fortunes and their scientific and educational and practical put bizarrely decisions detrimental to the educational process and increase the efficiency of educational bodies and moral and material support as universities in other countries."

She drew it "categorically rejects the deliberate destruction and tampering with laws of higher education and politicization of universities and its resolutions to partisan and personal whims," Noting that it "declares categorical rejection compromising all elements of the State and its institutions and laws and decisions are not subject to rhetoric and partisan problems prayed to establish fair and impartial State."

They demanded "honest people to stand with the Iraqi people against corruption rampant and allambrr being the safety valve Iraq and include educational and academic institutions to study the resolutions and recommendations in the House of representatives such as approved by competent