Kuwait is considering lifting submerged vessels of Iraq in the Khawr Abd Allah

2016/7/25 12:59

[Oan- follow-up]

Director General of the Public Authority for Environment Kuwaiti Acting Mohamed Anzi said that the Commission is discussing with stakeholders ways to address environmental conditions in the area [Khor Abdullah and mechanism salvage sunken ships there.

Anzi said in a press statement on Monday after chairing the second meeting of the Committee on lifted the sunken ships in the Khor Abdullah [Rumaila and Ain Zala] Aerakitin to "put the two ships Algarqtin currently constitutes a navigational hazard and polluted sea threatens the region."

He went to the "seriousness of the situation and the vessels released them from harmful negative effects on the marine environment and navigation traffic as a result of falling parts of them and whose interaction factors decomposition and oxidation as well as Khtorthma on wildlife as a result of siltation and plankton around them."

He pointed out that "from the keenness of the Authority on the safety and protection of the Kuwaiti environment it is currently discussing with stakeholders how to address the situation in the Khawr Abd Allah] and in order to prevent aggravation of the situation there."

Anzi said that "the Committee discussed at its meeting mechanism and the result of survey work done by the Department of Defense represented in the naval force for the area in which the ships were identified current conditions."

He pointed out that "The meeting touched on the way the Commission check out pollutants and review procedures and requirements prepared by the Ministry of Transport to deal with Ambassnin Algarqtin and budget required to get rid of them."

He pointed out that "dedicated to the process of lift ships, the team includes representatives of the Environment Public Authority and the ministries of defense, interior, transportation, foreign affairs and oil, public works and Kuwait Municipality and Kuwait Ports Corporation.