Morocco is betting on investment in alternative energy

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The foreigners that Morocco is moving to invest in alternative energy to make up the shortfall has in the energy field and to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse Moroccan officials said. Mustafa said Albakura Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy Agency said that "Morocco is making efforts in the field of renewable energy keep up with him to reduce the thermal Alanhbact In order to provide the needs of the national economy of clean energy." Albakura said on the sidelines of a field visit by the African Development Bank, director of the project "Noor" Solar Ouarzazate in southern Morocco in the recent "This supports the pioneering effort of Morocco in the field of renewable energies." Morocco has established a "light" solar project Ouarzazate on the three sections "Light 1" and "2 light" and the light 3 "on an area of ​​3,000 hectares and is expected to cover half of the country's electricity needs by 2030. And Alhtaran 2 and 3 in progress while work began the first busy market with the start of the year. It produces "light one" station of 160 megawatts and extends over 450 hectares and includes half a million mirrors. He Albakura "The African Development Bank is counting on the Moroccan experience to try to circulate because the bank is trying to play its role in the context of African development and this will meet with the direction of Morocco." Morocco and tended in recent years to support its presence in Africa and to build bridges of economic cooperation with a number of African countries through contact with companies and banks and Alphusvat.anthy 29 / A 43