Ratification confessions group acknowledged responsibility for the bombings in Baghdad this year

Ratified specialized court of inquiry Rusafa terrorism and organized crime, on Monday, the confessions of a group belonging to the elements of the "Daash" admitted responsibility for terrorist bombings occurred in Baghdad this year.
Said Judge Omar Khalil in a press statement that " the judicial efforts led to the arrest of six suspects admitted belonging to the so - called mandate of Diyala , an al Daash terrorist."
He added that the "confessions included involvement in the bombing of Nahrawan process of the end of April, and the bombings of New Baghdad , who received in the months of May and July of this year."
Khalil said that "disclosure to denote got all these crimes were prosecuted ratification confessions of the accused , " pointing out that " the case is submitted to the court in accordance with Article IV of the Anti - Terrorism Act."