The arrival of high-capacity generators to areas liberated Anbar

The Governor of Anbar Suhaib al- Rawi, the arrival of the other meals of high - capacity generators to the liberated areas in the province in coordination with the United Nations, stressing redouble efforts to overcome the difficulties that stand in front of the return of IDPs to their areas.
Rawi said in a press release, "and reached the other meals of high - capacity generators to maintain coordination with the Development Centre of the United Nations ( UNDP ) ", noting that "operated in the liberated areas coincide with the efforts of the local government of Anbar in restoring stability, infrastructure and services, in order to organize immediate and safe return of displaced people to the pan. "
He said the narrator, that "efforts are going to double to overcome the difficulties and the provision of services and infrastructure necessary to bring life to the districts, counties and villages liberated, as well as the removal of all remnants of war and unexploded ordnance local and international format", adding that "coordination is with the central government and local governments , which hosted the displaced people of the province, to secure the return of displaced persons to their homes , honor and compensate for all damages caused to them. "