Governance rules discreet expansion equity investments

7/25/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
recommended the workshop organized by the Iraq Stock Exchange of the importance of completing the legislation of the rules and regulations in line with the upcoming economic policy and complete the requirements and procedures required development and according to the plans developed by the Iraq Stock Exchange, as well as the issuance of the rules of governance sober for corporate work.

The workshop , titled « the role of the rules of governance contribute to the disclosure of corporate and bank guarantor and teleconference for investors to attract and promote investment securities» indicated in its recommendations the importance of the role of the operating performance of the participating companies included in the evaluation of the prices of shares in circulation, and claim those companies worthwhile to show these values ​​in its annual reports.

sedate governance as underlined the importance of concerted efforts of government institutions in the control of joint stock companies and the issuance of rules of solid corporate governance principles and not just her and the development of the required laws in order to attract investment investors discussions.

And opened the workshop Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Iraqi market for securities Thaer Adnan Hashim , who stressed that the market aims to unify the visions of project governance of joint stock companies , which is the basis for the success of companies listed and the protection of small investors corporate management control.

Financial instruments called in a speech at the start of the workshop He attended the «morning» to exert the effort required for the successful implementation of the subjects of the capital market in Iraq 's development through the widespread use of systems and electronic requirements for the issuance of the required instructions and rules, noting the importance of the issuance of new instructions for the trading of new financial instruments and instructions for portfolio management and investment funds for corporate financial investment companies banking. culture of investment , in turn , said Executive Director of the market , Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam:

The Iraq Stock Exchange and part of its efforts to develop ways of indirect investment attracting organized during the first half of this year , four workshops in order to achieve the deployment of non - direct investment to all segments of society and to attract national savings culture and directed towards investment securities and the establishment of joint - stock companies and build investment confidence. analytical information , adding that second goal to build analytical information centers and guiding media activities towards the development goals and build investment foundations in the private sector through the capital market.

He said the capital market in Iraq needs development economic activity after it is discussed a draft governance of joint stock companies prepared by the Securities Commission , which instructions, discuss and analyze the performance of joint stock companies indicators, and mechanisms of the guarantor bank and online trading to investors.

saw Hits presence of representatives of the Securities and central bank staff, in addition to the board of Governors and management of market Iraq Securities and professors of universities and colleges of the administration, the economy and the overall technical Central University and brokerage securities companies and managers Commissioners and representatives of the participating companies included experts from Jordan, Lebanon and corporate electronic systems and a large number of investors and shareholders and directors of listed companies. and was held during the event an exhibition of products , a number of companies listed along with 12 other companies in order to contribute to the public and present Barzan activities in the local market a