300 graduated member of the border police training Omraki- Canadian base in al-Assad

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Ministry of Defense 0.300 a member of the border police trained graduated from the American side, and the Canadian base at al-Asad in Anbar province.

According to a statement of the ministry, "the presence of the commander of the seventh Infantry Division, Maj. Gen. Abdul-star Naumann, held at al-Asad base camp, ceremonial graduated police fighters cycle of Anbar province border."

"I opened the session at the base above and under the direct supervision by police officers and border officer Corner leadership seventh Infantry Division training, where employees have been trained border police by the US side and the Danish side, the number of graduates was 300 fighters."

The statement pointed out that "the graduates have received free training lessons learned the method of keeping and protecting the border of the state, and how to deal with people outlaws [smugglers], and how to coordinate with the neighboring country in case of any emergency on the border, and the method of patrolling to protect the border."