Transportation proceed with the completion of Nasiriyah, Kut Airport and stresses: their development will be investing

2016/07/24 20:11

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Ministry of Transport announced on Sunday, to embrace all practical measures to complete the airports of Nasiriyah, Kut, while showed that this comes on the occasion of joining the marshes of the list of world heritage to promote tourism and the reduction of unemployment, it confirmed that it will be through investment.

The Minister of Transport Agency, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "the ministry embarked on practical measures to complete the airports in Nasiriyah, Kut international", noting that it comes "in line with the Iraqi government's efforts to annex the marshes and Orr of UNESCO list World heritage site and make way for tourists interested in visiting the area. "

The Abtan, the "economic and tourism returns for the two projects as well as Amtsasma of unemployment," returned to "a guarantor of investment to develop such projects."

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), approved in (the 17 of July present in 2016), the inclusion of the marshes and areas of archaeological them to the World Heritage list after the vote all of the participants in the conference held in the Turkish city of Istanbul, on it.

The management of the province of Dhi Qar, position the city of Nasiriyah, (375 km south of Baghdad), it announced in the (third from August 2015 the past), for the approval of the Minister of Transport (outgoing) Bayan Jabr, a run by angels from the Ministry of Nasiriyah airport until forwarded to the company investment, while announced Wasit management, in (the 21st of January 2016), the desire of one of the Mexican companies to work in the investment sector to maintain, (180 km southeast of Baghdad), for the management and operation of Kut civil Airport.

The Iraqi National Security Council, approved in (the sixth of April 2015), to transform the work of airports throughout Iraq to co-operate, while the Ministry of Transport has indicated that it will begin creating three military runways to receive civil flights, confirmed that these projects will be "across the investment exclusively. "