Upper threshold of direct plans to bundle service projects in Najaf

2016/7/24 13:55

{Najaf: Euphrates news}

upper threshold Secretary General Mr Nizar solid rope performed sacred cadres of Holy threshold for number of service projects with other projects will be completed by direct legal and administrative procedures serve to Najaf and visitors.

Threshold statement quoted Agency has received a copy of {Euphrates news} today Secretary General said at a press conference held at the site of one of the projects implemented by the sacred threshold installations project for housing employees of the sacred threshold to "the end of this year will see the biggest number of delivery role in the housing project where the sacred threshold cadres worked in various project sites of residential units 887 Dara with a number of service industries.

"The sacred threshold cadres worked on completing two stations to convert electrical energy in order to increase the amount of energy processed into Najaf in General and particularly the old city".

The threshold is intended to contribute to the achievement of Oncology Hospital project in Najaf through involvement of technical personnel of the sacred threshold to complete this vital project in cooperation with relevant departments. "

In regards to the extent of services provided to citizens, the Secretary-General noted that "the faithful is Abu all from this standpoint, the role of the Secretariat of the sacred threshold is not limited to providing services for our valued visitors but to contribute and participate in various services and projects that would lift the weight off the shoulders.

The added yan "Holy threshold earlier completed many projects and SOA at the shrine and in a number of areas of Najaf which included many schools maintenance and maintenance of alzahra and establishment of schools and homes for the displaced and other important projects".