The agreement to establish a Joint Committee to pursue several service projects in Basra.

2016/7/24 14:23

{Basra: Euphrates news}

Majid agreed Basra provincial Council with hard times on the formation of a Joint Committee to pursue several service projects.

Nasraoui's Office said in a statement received Agency {news Euphrates} CC "joint meeting included Majid Nasraoui Governor of Basra and the engineer grew up planning and Monitoring Committee Chairman Mansuri and albegari flower development and reconstruction Committee Chairman of the provincial Council are debating important topics including iron alngibet bridge complete mechanism and negotiate to restore the main bridge currently stalled, and discuss the establishment of a road link between Mohammed Bakr Al-Sadr bridge and main street in the Shatt al-Arab".

"The two sides discussed setting up a mechanism to complete stalled important projects in Basra and education sector projects {school} and the health sector, as was the discussion on the topics of water desalination.

The two sides also discussed contract teachers installation mechanism through the Angel and negotiate Basra with the Ministry of education to install them.

The statement noted that "both parties have agreed to form a Joint Committee to follow up what has been its deliberation during the meeting also gave County Council delegation thanks and appreciation and understanding chest capacity llnsaraui and its responsiveness to the demands of my Visual people.