French company willing to perform service projects to Iraqi hands

2016/7/24 15:11

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} she French company {met tier} readiness to cooperate with the Ministry of construction and housing and municipalities to carry out service projects and residential complexes using manpower.

The Ministry said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news}, "Undersecretary Dara Hassan Rashid, Yara received French Consul in Iraq and ceo met tier French specialized in building bridges and housing complexes in the Ministry's headquarters, in the presence of Directors for roads, bridges and buildings, housing and National Centre for engineering consultants".

"During the meeting, talk about the company's willingness to contribute to the implementation of projects for roads and bridges and building complexes according to the latest methods adopted globally competitive prices".

The agent recalled Yara, it said that "the French firms enjoying good reputation through numerous projects in Iraq, and must provide facilities for them to enter the Iraqi market to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq."

For his part between the Executive Director of the company, "they're willing to cooperate with the Ministry as either partner with Executive companies or by processing raw materials with guarantees for ten years as well as Iraqi labour projects executed by the company.

The statement drew "agreement on future meetings with the Ministry and the company's readiness formations to provide loan potential and specifications adopted by them to the Ministry's National Center Hall engineers consulting engineers".

"The Executive Director of the company gave a detailed overview shows the most important projects implemented by the company of bridges in Nasiriyah and Diwaniyah and Alexandria and Um Qasr in Basra".