American Consul leaving Basra: Goodbye to the South with weeping heart

2016-07-24 18:34

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The United States Consul in Basra called Steve Walker southerners poignant message entitled "farewell to the South with heart in tears," rich in historical and cultural area that draw borders poetically of the Ziggurat to Imam Ali, the Prophet's grave and Tomb of the marshes.

Walker said "dearly beloved people of southern Iraq, leaving Basra next week for my new job in Washington. I congratulate you with the thanks the profuse for hospitality and hospitality to me and my team during the past year.

"Before I came here I heard that the people of southern Iraq from the world generosity and hospitality, and here I am today from southern Iraq assure validity."

It was Walker's controversial Consul big statements and positions "to work as Consul was an important part of my professional career. Worked hard for me to represent my country and to correct misunderstandings about the United States policy in Iraq. I wish I knew the people of southern Iraq that the United States fixed partner for Iraq in its fight against the Islamic State, where Iraq war victories.

And "what connects us is a long-term strategic partnership and that the United States will always stand with Iraq."

And spoke of his gratitude by getting to know a variety of people of southern Iraq and academics, businessmen and Government officials, civil society activists, religious leaders, journalists and dignitaries of the clans.

"I am humbled by the strength of the Iraqi people and their commitment to Iraq was that strong.

As the "work to expand ties between the Iraqi people and the American people was my favorite part of my job."

In regards to this, Walker said, "I am proud and particularly what we have achieved together in the draft Convention of the twinning cities of Basrah and Houston."

"I hope that the Convention provides a permanent framework for educational, cultural and economic ties between the people of Iraq and the people of the southern United States.

"I had the privilege of visiting the provinces of Muthanna and Dhi Qar, Maysan and Basra. Southern Iraq, from Ziggurat to Imam Ali, the Prophet's Tomb to tomb, marshes full of rich cultural and historic. "

Turning to the World Heritage list Marsh included Walker said "I have much pleasure to hear news of the approval of UNESCO, at the beginning of this week, to join the marshes and other areas of southern Iraq into the list of world heritage sites. Congratulations on this achievement. "

"I am sad to leave Basra in particular Club port lover (yminaaei)" in the past to emphasize the ability of his successor "but I know that my Deputy Consul General Wen Dutton will great job being our best diplomats and is now looking to reach Basra

**Houston has a very large "Energy Sector"**