The Council of Ministers renew commitment to free education, staff salaries

2016-07-24 18:02

Baghdad scales news

The Iraqi Government renewed its commitment to free their commitment to free education and not affect the salaries of staff.

He said Saad Al-Hadithi, spokesman for the Prime Minister's information Office summarized weekly and was saying that "the Government stresses its commitment to free education at all levels according to the Constitution is a right guaranteed to the citizen."

"But the Government is seeking to develop and reform the education curricula at all levels to build generations conscious Iraq reconstruction tasks and achieve stability and prosperity for his people."

McCurry recalled that "We reiterate that there is no truth whatsoever to the rumored or are promoted by some on the Government payroll.

Hadithi said "I already pointed out that the discount does not include only special grades and staff first and second degree, the rest of the staff will not include any reduction".

And in another axis between Al-Hadithi that "with the Arab Summit calls upon the Iraqi Government to support conferences and support for Iraq and addressing terrorism that threatens Arab security and threaten the security of Iraq and look forward to an active contribution of the Arabic countries in supporting the efforts of the Iraqi Government and our military in its campaign to liberate cities gang ISIS and contribute to humanitarian relief for the displaced persons and restoring stability to the liberated towns."

He also noted that the Iraqi Government support to adopt resolutions for drying terrorism on intellectual, informational and financial levels and apply the relevant resolutions of the Security Council to weaken terrorist capabilities and contribute to definitively defeat