Minister: Abadi will provide a list of seven ministers to candidates from the parliament blocs

2016/7/24 15:34

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Minister of Culture and Tourism and Antiquities, Faryad Roandzi, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, will present a list of candidates of the political blocs to become vacant cabinet positions to the House of Representatives.

He Roandzi in dialogue with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which belongs to him, "resigned ministers now are seven ministers and some ministries and I think that survival Haghara will not last long, and the prime minister will submit the list to fill in the blanks, but the process is not easy, even in the selection of ministers."

He added that "the parliament's position is very difficult and non-uniform about this subject, some of Prime Minister demanding alter the list of independents and others are determined to be ministers replacements nominated by the political blocs to which they belong, but I think that the prime minister had met these blocs which is in the process of choosing ministers through these blocks. "

He pointed out that "the second phase after the filtration stage is to convince the parliament and I think that the parliament will probably vote but not a comfortable majority, because there is a significant objection to the government the situation some people are demanding the resignation of the entire government and some times talking about the resignation of the three presidencies, so the list to be provided by the prime minister may I will not pass through a regular, but I do not think that fill these voids would be impossible and I think that parliament will eventually pass this list if a majority is comfortable. "

And the existence of the position of the Kurds towards the process of appointing new ministers, Roandzi said, that "the seven ministers who resigned are not from the Kurds, except the Minister of Commerce, but it is not from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, but from the Iraqi National Bloc Eyadr Allawi's bloc so it is up to Allawi if they want to participate in the the government in the selection of a site for this, and there are three of the ministers are from the Sadr movement and two cabinet ministers of the Supreme Islamic Council and the Minister of Badr bloc, a minister and interior minister of independent mass Hohasin Shahristani. "

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued last Tuesday bureaucracy orders accepting the resignation of six ministers are: Minister of Oil, Minister of Transport, Minister of Construction and Housing, Minister of Water Resources, and Minister of Industry, as well as the interior minister.

Abadi Wednesday also approved the resignation of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussain al-Shahristani, the remaining seven ministries vacant.