Agreement to develop the Iraqi banking cooperation - French

Last update: Sunday, July 24, 2016 - 10:04

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice Nasiriyah - Hazem Mohammed Habib, after Iraq and France agree on the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding in a joint effort for the development of banking cooperation between the two countries, he praised the openness financial expert with the international community, especially with her major economies countries.

The expert said Thamer al-Azzawi »Sabah»: The Paris meeting have positive results will soon be reflected in the labor market after the Iraqi obtain agreements in the process of signing soon.

He noted that the most prominent of consensus that have occurred, strengthening the banking cooperation between Iraq and France, noting that the next meeting in Baghdad will witness the start of the real work of cooperation between Baghdad and Paris.

The Union of Iraqi businessmen branch of Dhi Qar, had participated in the meeting, the league of the Council of employers between Iraq and France attended by the representative of the businessmen Union of Dhi Qar and member of the employers of the Iraqi Business Council -afrenca just Ekab Hussein Hasnawi and representatives of the Iraqi, French, Iraq's ambassador to France and a representative of the Ministry of Oil governments Laith Shahir and Undersecretary Ziralascan Acting chairman of the investment Commission, Sami al-Araji.

He Ekab »Sabah»: it has been discussed several important topics, including to be French corporate role in entering a genuine partnerships in the province and open horizons of cooperation shared between Iraqi companies, particularly in Dhi Qar and European companies the province through the investment process.

He urged the revitalization of this body with all its joints to facilitate foreign, Arab and local investors to establish a vital and important projects, tasks, praising the great efforts of those in charge of the success of these meetings, which lasted three days in the French capital Paris.

He also noted that it was agreed to conclude a memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi banking and French sides. In turn, stressed the specialist in economic affairs Ahmed costly important trend of global economies and its role in achieving the economic viability of the country, pointing out that Iraq is in dire need of advanced technologies and banking, where the great work that awaits Iraq over the coming years in all Iraqi cities in the production and service sectors size.

And the costly international efforts that require banking services have the ability to accomplish banking operations of large figures required by the investment process, and the local banks, particularly private ones must offer products competing branches of foreign banks opened branches in Iraq products.