Iraq gets new European humanitarian aid b 104 million euros.

2016-07-24 at 09:40

Baghdad scales news

The European Commission announced a new grant in the form of humanitarian projects worth 104 million euros to assist those affected in Iraq due to the country's fight against ISIS.

EU Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management, Christos stailianis at a press conference, "I always said that Iraq could become Syria, any other major humanitarian emergency on a global scale, so we have to act", noting that "this funding part of EU aid worth 194 million euros, is part of the international obligations of Iraq support Conference held this week in Washington.

In a statement, the Commission said, "the new project will help the most vulnerable groups, through providing food, health care, water and sanitation and hygiene materials, according to the UNHCR statement.

She added that "the new support will be dedicated to Mosul in the North of the country, one of the main strongholds of extremists and preparing Iraqi forces to recover it."

Iraq received from donors during the Conference held in Washington (20 July 2016), two billion dollars ' worth of aid over