Central Bank warns of "faint hearts" running frauds in his name.

2016-07-24 at 13:20

Baghdad scales news

The Central Bank warned Sunday, of "faint hearts" outwitted the citizens to "facilitate" their transactions.

The Bank said in a statement/balance news/copy, that "unconfirmed information about the other spirited the scammers who scam operations on some of its citizens."

The statement added that "it shows by showing some services to continue cashing operations or loan transactions and contracts of some financial institutions, as well as promoting the possibility of interfering with the Central Bank to walk those transactions or those of contractors or other securities exchange.

He continued, "as this Bank are invalid with transfers of funds from abroad to persons or organizations inside Iraq through central".

The Bank confirmed by his statement that "holding accounts of persons or companies or organizations and not handling and mediates in operations or outward", calling citizens "be cautious of such attempts and allegations and reported to the competent security organs