Turkey decides to solve the presidential guard

Authorities also announced the arrest of Halis Hansi , who was described as an important assistant to a man who lives in the United States debt Fethullah Gulen.
According to Anatolia, he was also arrested Mohammed Gulen, Gulen 's nephew, in the city of Erzurum north - eastern Turkey.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the number of those arrested since July 15 exceeded 13 thousand people, including nearly 9 thousand military and more than two thousand judge and prosecutor, was quoted by the government agency Anatolia.
The media quoted Turkish prosecutor in Ankara Aaron Kudalak saying, released 1,200 troops.
The authorities have declared a state of emergency last Wednesday, which allows the President and Cabinet preparing legislation without reference to parliament and the imposition of restrictions or suspension of freedoms.
Erdogan and the extended duration of detention of suspects without charge for up to 30 days, as authorities decided to close more than a thousand private school, according to a statement published by state media.