The Independent: failure in the refugee children's education will make them terrorists in the future

Today 's Independent newspaper said that nearly 2.8 million Syrian children and between 50 to 80 percent of the 360,000 children who should be involved in Albannanbh schools, have fled the school and must stop this phenomenon because they Sigdon potential terrorists in the future.
The newspaper added that it should be on the agenda of the Arab League agenda in the coming combat this phenomenon few weeks, the most important thing you should do is to provide education to curb terrorism.
The agency British newspaper that after the expiry of five years from the Syrian crisis, still a large number of men, women and children die during the new home of the desired trip despite the arrival neighborhoods sometimes they find themselves deprived of education and the requirements of the major life, and that the average length of the exodus of refugees in general , it is now 17 years, and this means that some of the refugee children will be lost school their entire lives in the camps, and this is why it is very difficult to provide education for the poor of the Syrian refugees in the midst of the lack of international support
The newspaper added that, according to the accounts of aid agencies , international organizations and the provision of education for refugee children requires US $ 638 million and so far is not provided only a quarter of that amount from international donors.
The newspaper saying that there are now 2.8 million Syrian children inside Syria out of school because of the great destruction in the school not to mention the displacement suffered by children and teachers., And in neighboring Lebanon to Syria , there is between 50 to 80 percent of the 360 thousand refugee children of school age outside schools, and the same applies to about two million Syrian refugees in Turkey, where it comes and schools in both countries are following a two - shift system of morning and evening to try to cover the large number of students.
The newspaper said that education in the refugee camps also is too cumbersome, in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, there is an urgent need for more teachers, and trained at the highest level, and finding ways to help them overcome language barriers , which are inevitable, resources are available tend to to focus on the principles of basic education, but it is important to provide support for children who are older, who are often forced to abandon their studies to support their families.
The newspaper added that the most important of all, is that these children are now living with large traumatized, before the focus is on writing or mathematics there is an urgent need to give them moral and psychological support to help them deal with their experiences hellish, and avoid a repeat of the violence they have witnessed, as it is in Total year, we have seen about 79 percent of the refugee children , deaths in the family, while the symptoms of PTSD are many common and the prevalence among children and all this are not taken to rectify and treatment in children as was described by the newspaper
The newspaper said that we must also think of the burdens placed on the school systems in the host countries, which shows the quality of education current and future new students at great risk . In the last year, citing United Nations agencies, the World Bank and other donors 200,000 place for schools free in Lebanon of Syrian children, but this is not enough Valomr now it needs to be extended to both Jordan and Turkey to combat this phenomenon.
The paper concluded by saying that the diplomatic wheels are going very slowly away from meeting the basic needs of refugee children.
The United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF" said in a report titled " the siege, the devastating impact of children", that Syria has become one of the most dangerous places for children, and the report stated that about 3 million children in Syria and neighboring countries are not able to go to school regularly, She explained that this figure accounts for about half of the population of Syria , who are in the study phase, and an estimated one million Syrian children are trapped or in inaccessible areas, and that the millions that are threatened sober lost generation and terrorists . .
A report released by the Combating Terrorism Center of the Academy "West Point , " the US military, for a crowd Daash, for children and young people are increasingly and unprecedented.
And The Washington Post , the US, has said in a report that the terrorist organization Daash the exploitation of children in suicide attacks as part of a wide - ranging strategy to cultivate a generation of militants in the school age to teach them the thought of extremist organization.