Reform plans awaiting allocations and mechanisms of action

7/24/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi

said economic consultant Baghdad forum Samir Abbas Alnasiri to put in place mechanisms implementation strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq for the years 2016-2020 aimed at reform and private sector development requires identifying ways and procedures and the allocation of the necessary funds for their implementation, on the parallels that initiate the private sector to reform himself and the organization of the joints done in accordance with the best technologies that the world is witnessing.

He suggested Alnasiri «morning» in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the reform need to allocate the amount of the IMF loan is distributed according to the grant provided by the Bank to the government each time for a period of three years , which accompanied customization distribution to finance industrial and agricultural sectors and housing according to the mechanisms Awaltalimat approved by the Council of Ministers in partnership with private sector representatives.

creation of an independent body and pointed out the importance of creating an independent body for the private sector, undertake the implementation of the government 's plans designed to support and stimulate the private sector in coordination with its representatives, pointing to the need to form a unified council to the private sector represents all unions and organizations forums and meetings and sectoral public holds these parties elected under the supervision of the legislative, executive and judicial power , as well as subjecting distribution and exchange and finance operations for monitoring and follow - up, audit and evaluation based on audit firms of international.

General Federation of cooperation and noted Alnasiri to the necessity of activating the General Federation of cooperation by stimulating and encouraging housing co - operative societies and the establishment of Baghdad Municipality and local governments in the provinces to allocate residential land, sorting and preparing designs for the construction of cities and residential complexes in coordination with investment and private sector circles that the keys are delivered the citizen and the subject of distribution operations for Oatia income and slum inhabitants and benefit from a loan the World Bank fund in this sector on the exchange transactions are subject to review and monitoring and auditing.

Alnasiri said that the government through the Ministry of Agriculture and water resources inventory of arable land in all the provinces, including the provinces of Kurdistan and ask local governments to secure the requirements of supplies cultivate these lands and invest directly activates all graduates of agricultural colleges and institutes, through a contract with them or with the private sector to be cultivated and invested and marketing of agricultural production and the division of the income earned between the workers and the local government and thus achieved two goals the first economist , a switch to a productive economy and the second is social and is young graduates run and transferred to the producers.

launch the electronic form the Council of Ministers issued during the past few days a decision launch of the electronic form for the promotion and facilitation of government measures financing small and medium enterprises and to encourage the production process in agriculture, industry, housing, support and stimulate the private sector. He added that the provision of the central bank's six trillion five hundred billion dinars amount of investment is designed to achieve the government 's plan to restructure Iraq 's economy and moving it from rentier economy to a productive economy and give the private sector a key role in achieving this.

the central bank has launched Strutijeth for the years 2016-2020 in conjunction with calls for comprehensive change of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives, which has identified and painted the road of reform and in accordance with the objectives of the main and foremost to support and achieve financial stability, activating the role of financial institutions and the banking sector, the development of the organizational structure and the organizational structure, human capital and activation and integration of the development of the internal relations and external.