A new International Port between Iran and Iraq Kurdistan


Iranian authorities have opened a new Iraq with the Kurdistan region border outlet, is the second in less than a month, as part of a policy aimed at monopolizing the Iraqi market.

Said Ziad Abdullah, director of the town of "generosity" of the city of Penguin in the province of Sulaymaniyah, where the new port is located, said that Iranian and Iraqi officials opened "Saraneben" border port, an international gateway linking Iran's Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The Iranian authorities have opened in June 2016 outlets under the "Penguin spend" itself, which has seen the new port opening, and thus increase the border crossing points linking Iran province Iraqi one is Sulaymaniyah to three outlets, are Bashammakh, and Mkhurd, and Saraneben.

Abdullah added, in a press statement, that the opening of "Saraneben" port is important in economic terms to the province of Sulaymaniyah, and penjwin district is linked to Iran two outlets, two international border crossings, in addition to a number of sub ports informal.

And border crossings, according to officials from both sides, provides a new border crossing gateway for the export of four Iranian cities border products are "age, and that, in Sulaimaniyah, and Sardasht," to Iraq and provides several hours to transport goods compared to other border ports.

Observers believe that the Tehran purposes other than trade and exchange visitors and tourists with Iraq through the opening of border crossings, such as facilitating the delivery of various militants and weapons into Iraq.

There are between the Kurdistan region of Iraq , composed of three provinces only between Iran and the five international ports, one with the governorate of Erbil, and three with Sulaimaniya and one with the city of Khanaqin, while there are more than 40 ports informally between the Iranian territory and the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan .

Iran is now the largest exporter of goods to Iraq, but Turkey strongly competition, where the juxtaposition of the two provinces of the region Turkish territory. -

The total balance of trade between the region and Turkey and mostly exports from the Turkish side to the region during 2013, about $ 7 billion, then dropped to $ 5 billion after the control of the organization of the Islamic State "Daash" on the city of Mosul and parts of northern Iraq.

As for trade with Iran, Iranian exports are not less than $ 10 billion annually.